Tapas and El Born, Barcelona

Revisiting my favourite spots in Barcelona, I had to pay visit El Born. Ahead of setting off on a hunt for Barcelona’s best patatas bravas with a local foodie friend, I had a long wander around El Born, another charming and not massively popular among tourists district of the city.




Located just off Via Liatana, on the opposite side of the road from the famous barrio gotico, El Born does have a bit of a gothic feel to it, but it’s less dramatic. It’s also quieter, a bit less fancy and more Catalan. There are some lovely coffee shops there, and plenty of quirky stores with all sorts of things – from vintage clothing to books and odd quirky souvenirs, always weirdly fascinating. It took a lot of determination not to spend all my money.


After saying hi to El Born, I met a friend for tapas. He took me to a small tapas bar called Sensi where we tried way too many things, including veggies with my favourite romesco sauce, monkfish in tempura, goat cheese croquetas and some manchego cheese. And, of course, sangria. And some cheesecake with dulce de lece.

Yes, I needed it all.



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