The New Forest Wildlife Park


Although demographics might suggest otherwise, the New Forest Wildlife Park isn’t just for kids. Visiting the Park was one of those moments when I thought I missed my true vocation in life and should be feeding otters for a living instead. With nothing but the forest and a bunch of animals around, the perspective of spending every day outside and not in front of a computer really seemed tempting.

While I was not surprised to see deer and wild boars there, I did not expect any exotic butterflies, wolves or snowy owls.


All chilled in their domesticated wild little world. Roaming about looking pretty happy. Some deer are friendly enough to come up to say hi. Sometimes even so friendly they pull your skirt and chew on it.


Even with groups of tourists lurking into their little homes, the animals seem to be happy, especially when they get food. Watching otters waiting for their breakfast was priceless; the noise they made and the anticipation were hilarious. Their little faces literally beamed with joy when they eventually did get food. The particularly greedy ones even tried stealing their siblings’ food – sharing didn’t seem to be a common policy in their community.


It was a lovely day out and I’d have enjoyed it just as much at age 5 as I did at 25.








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