Fashion at Victoria&Albert Museum


My first weekend living in London was very much fashion-oriented. Moving to the city meant I had to give up a lot of clothes and so I feel fully entitled to acquire a whole new wardrobe now. First, though, I went to Victoria&Albert’s for some inspiration.

One of the things that amused me the last time I visited the exhibition was the size of shoes on display. They seemed tiny. Not just a particular pair, all of them seemed small. I’m size five, which is as average as it gets, and I would never be able to squeeze into any of the footwear displayed there. And today, as I was looking at some little boots I overheard two girls commenting on the same thing. I knew people are taller these days but would the shoe size change this much?


The Independent says it can and it has – two sizes up over the last four decades, apparently. Good nutrition is to be blamed – as everyone got generally bigger, our feet did too.


What I really enjoyed about this exhibition was the way it put fashion in a perspective, showing how things like technology, traditions and world events influence the way clothing has changed.

And yes, I only visited the fashion bit of the museum today… It was so inspiring I had to leave to start reviving my wardrobe straight away.





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