Old Harry Rocks

Two weeks ago I went back to the south and even though it was only two weeks after I had moved to London, I was already quite excited to have a weekend away from the city.

On Saturday I met Old Harry and his wives in Purbeck. I always liked the chalky cliffs on the coast but this was a whole new experience. None of my attempts to describe the rocks would do them any justice – let’s just say it’s one of those wonderful places that are perfect because of their imperfections.


The space, fresh air and gorgeous landscape were all very revitalising and partially because it was a change from the noisy, over-crowded buzz of the city and partially because they really are stunning, I absolutely loved the Old Harry Rocks.

The walk to get there was also a fun adventure. Not a difficult one at all, but close to the nature, with amazing views and so much space.





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