All Shades of Green in the Eden Project


There are lots of beautiful gardens and greenhouses, and normally I would spend most of my time in those places taking pics of pretty flowers and whatever animals I can find. I only have about ten photos from the Eden Project. Not that there weren’t any pretty flowers – there were plenty. I was just too absorbed looking and reading about them.

Eden consists of a few different biomes, each contaning a different bit of the world. The rainforest was by far my favourite.


The rainforest biome was hot and sticky, and the amount of flora there was overwhelming: enormous trees, spiky trees, bright flowers, huge ferns. There were many exotic but familiar plants, like coffee, bananas and cocoa, but we also found a funky cola tree. Apparently its bean is used to make coke (the fizzy drink, that is).

Not only can you look at plants in Eden, you can taste some of them too. As you walk around, you can get a coconut-water based drinks or baobab ice cream.

As for animals, there weren’t too many but if you looked hard, you could spot some pretty birds. Not many, but there was an odd one every here and there, showering in a stream, oblivious to dozens of eyes following its every move.


Apart from being a huge tourist attraction, Eden is also a charity and social enterprise running projects around the world, doing research, creating learning experiences for students and making sure their impact on the environment is minimal. Unlike many places that care about the environment as long as it’s convenient, the Eden Project is in it 100%. Built in an old quarry, it reuses rain water that would collect at the bottom of the pit to provide humidity and eco water in the loos.

We could have easily spent another day exploring Eden and since I’ve been here, they have expanded it even more. It’s a fantastic place to visit. It’s wonderfully diverse and inspiring, and – cheesy as it sounds – it does make you think a little about what an amazing place the Earth is.

Useful information:

How to get there
Video: what to expect
Music concerts at Eden



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