Camping in Exmoor


When I was younger, I associated camping with bugs, rain and not being able to shower – generally not my idea of fun – and therefore didn’t really feel inclined to experience it much. Over the years of killing spiders and whatsnots in student accommodation, dealing with faulty showers and rain becoming part of life as I moved to the UK, I got over myself – and I’m glad I did. Camping is fun.

The fact the campsite was located in a stunning location also helped. Isolated from towns and cities, Caffyns Farm was exactly what I imagined the camping experience should be like. There was no phone service. No crowds.  Instead, chickens running around, infinite blue sky and beautiful landscapes. And decent, clean facilities, actually.

Spending some time walking around and enjoying the nature was lovely, but we also wanted to explore the nearby twin towns, Lynton and Lynmouth. The walk from the farm down to the villages is incredibly picturesque – and confusing if you don’t have a proper map.


The village you reach first is Lynton. It felt a bit like a ghost town at first but the more central you get the more life there is. Charming narrow streets, traditional candle store run by an eccentric candlemaker, beautiful views and gorgeous houses. Also, quite a nice variety of restaurants and cafes. Going to The Old Coach House Tea Rooms was a fantastic reward after all the walking. It’s a cosy (in a granny’s living room kinda way) place with mouth-watering puddings – my apple pie was delicious.

When you conquer the steep walk down to Lynmouth, you get rewarded with a typical seaside village, fresh air and a great variety of fish&chips shops. Simply popping by the pub for a pint of Tribute and sitting down by the water watching at the seagulls is nice. And the good news is, to avoid a tough climb back up they have a convenient funicular available.


Back at the camping site, I actually enjoyed the experience. My sleeping bag turned out to be the cosiest thing on Earth. At night, the sky was clear and I saw more stars that one evening than in the previous few years combined. Being woken up by goats, chickens and cows arguing on the farm was weirdly nice. I didn’t know what time it was. I didn’t know what was going on in the world outside of the farm. It didn’t matter and it was a bliss.

So there, I said it, camping is fun!



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