Spot the Deer – Richmond Park, London

I wish I could live in Richmond just to be able to go to the park all the time; it’s the ‘wildest’ one in the capital. If it wasn’t for a couple of skyscrapers you can spot on the horizon every now and again it would not even feel like London. Especially when you get to see the deer.

I expected to see one, maybe a couple if I were lucky. Some people told me they never spotted any so my expectations were not particularly high. I was pretty much over the moon when I saw one, walking right in my direction, just ten minutes after entering the park. It was a big male, very elegant and graceful.


I took some pictures and was content with the visit – I spotted a deer, I can tick it off my list and just see the rest of the park pressure-free. A little while later there was another one though, must have been my lucky day.

My little expedition could have ended then and there, and I would have been pleased, but another short distance away, there was another couple of deer. And one more in the meadow. And a whole herd. And two more herds. Dozens and dozens of them.


Now how did I get to see so many while other people sometimes don’t find any at all?



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