Snow Angels in Canada


When I told my friends I was spending my January holiday in Canada, they all thought it was very random. Not funny, cool random. Batshit crazy random. Perhaps to most people escaping the British chill by voluntarily freezing my bum off in Canada seemed a bit odd, but to me it made perfect sense – one of my favourite people in the world happens to be from Toronto. Plus, very cheap flights (courtesy of Canadian Affair). Also, living in southern England made me miss proper snow and that’s one thing I was sure I’d get in Canada.

And snow I got. Loads of it.


I cannot explain why I like the white stuff so much. In a childlike way, it just makes me excited about life. Everything looks prettier. You can throw snowballs at people. And chuck snow down their collars. And create perfect snow angels.


Because my travel insurance didn’t cover skiing, my friend introduced me to tubing and snowshoeing instead. Tubing in Collingwood was incredibly fun. Never mind I got close to actually having to use my travel insurance, after a particularly bouncy spin down the hill. Loved it. Snowshoeing didn’t last long – we chose an extremely cold and windy day for it so after dragging the massive ‘shoes’ on our feet for about twenty minutes, we were ready to call it a day and curl on the sofa with a cup of Canadian tea to watch the American Ugly Betty.


It wouldn’t have been a proper trip to Canada without ice skating, though. It wasn’t my first time on the ice but it must have looked so. My attempts to gracefully swoosh across the rink were all doomed, and I stared with jealousy at all the Canadian kids who pretty much grew up wearing skates, taking me over one by one. It didn’t matter, though, it was a lovely evening and the atmosphere was fun – the rink was located in the middle of Toronto, with the CN Tower just a stone’s throw away, and with music played by a DJ.

Despite the cold, I loved every single moment of my Canadian introduction to proper winter and sports.





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