My Favourite Canadian Food


Bacon. Maple. Doughnuts. Sometimes all of these combined into one. That’s my memory of Canada and I have to say, it was glorious.

I knew Canada would be a good place for me – I love bacon and maple. I love them together, separately, in all shapes and forms. To my heart’s content, I could find them everywhere, in the strangest – and most delicious – combinations. Bacon eggs barrel potatoes. Maple coffee. Maple alcohol. Maple biscuits. Bacon maple chocolate. Bacon maple doughnuts. And the best of the best, bacon maple pancakes.

I also completely converted to the Canadian way of doing coffee as Tim Hortons became my new favourite place. While my Canadian friend always ordered a double double (double milk, double sugar, obviously), I got addicted to French vanillas. I still have dreams about that coffee.

With a lot of culinary influences from the US and Mexico, Canada is not an easy place to be if you’re on a diet. The dish I really wanted to try was poutine. I tried a few, from dfferent shops, just to be sure. Yep, I liked it. Loved it, even. The ‘wish they had poutine shops in the UK’ kinda loved. Could not come up with better comfort/drunk food. I mean, is there any other food that better replicates a warm hug than a good portion of chunky chips snowed under cheese and soaked in gravy?

I spent a good part of my evening TripAdvisoring the places I tried out in Toronto. For recommendations, go to my profile.




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