Loving Hockey in Canada


It’s all about hockey. Hockey in the papers and on the news, kids playing hockey in back yards (where frozen ponds function as ice rinks), the ubiquitous Tim Hortons founded by a hockey player… It’s pretty much everywhere.

I’m not normally a sports person but when planning my trip to Canada, hockey game was on the top of my list. It just felt like one of those things I really needed to do, alongside things like consuming ridiculous amounts of maple syrup and trying poutine. Also, field hockey was the one game I didn’t hate (and secretly enjoyed) in PE classes as a child so that was promising.

My lovely Canadian friend got us tickets for Toronto Maple Leafs vs Arizona Coyotes. It didn’t mean much to me, but I was obviously rooting for the Leafs. On the night of the game, the streets of central Toronto were flooded with blue and white – the Leafs’ colours – and the atmosphere was great. Although I hear the Leafs are not the best of teams, I was told Arizona is the worst, so there was a good chance we would celebrate afterwards.


We didn’t. The game was a lot of fun but after a promising start the mighty Leafs lost. In my ignorant opinion, they did well. Either way, I loved it, it made me consider moving to Canada to become a professional hockey player for a minute and the fact they drink beer out of sippy cups there made my day. Canada, can you be any more perfect?



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