Beautiful and Moody Ilfracombe, Devon

My first proper trip to Devon and Cornwall started in Ilfracombe. The weather was rather moody all three days I was there, but the grey sky turned out to make for pretty good sightseeing conditions, as the winds and clouds made the place look very dramatic.


It was wonderfully refreshing to stay in a town where you can walk from one end to another in a couple of hours and a taxi across town costs £3. And where the only apple store you can find is an actual apple shop. And where you can barely use your mobile but instead you can find a delicious homemade pasty for £2 at every corner.

The town heavily relies on tourism and we stayed in one of their many B&Bs, The Towers. It was a lovely, friendly little place ten-minutes walk from the harbour. I didn’t hate the sea view from the room and it was across the street from Hillsborough, aka the sleeping elephant. The views from up the hill are stunning and the hike was so much fun we did it twice.

The town itself is rather quiet, a little tired maybe, but very lovely. Dramatic seafront, windy hills, tons of cute tea rooms. And have I already mentioned the pasties? It was so relaxing I could have stayed for another few days, just drinking Doom Bar and stuffing my face with fudge.



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