What I Learnt Climbing Snowdon

Planning a trip to the top? Here are a few things I wish I’d known.

Do. not. go. to Snowdonia. on. a. bank. holiday. Just don’t. It feels like a schooltrip, being shuffled between groups of people and having to drag your feet behind slow walkers. Although sometimes you walk behind a corgi dog that jumps twice its height to climb, which is one of the cutest things you will ever see.


It’s a long walk; better take more than one snickers and a banana. Especially if you go on a bank holiday. The queues for food are worse than the ones to the loo. The good thing is, if you do want to stop and have a snack, you get views like this:


Prepare for the heat, the wind, the cold and the sun. We were lucky there was not rain but I had a waterproof jacket with me alongisde sunglasses, layers and sunscreen.


There wasn’t much wildlife to see, which I have a feeling had something to do with the thousands of people with their corgis walking up and down the mountain, but we spotted these cute guys:


Finally, I learnt mountains are addictive and I cannot wait to go back. Just not on a bank hol.



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